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Front of house service co-ordinator

Rate: €13.00+ p/h

Location: Dublin

Ref: fohtech

Service Coordinator

This is a service role on the food team in a fast growing office environment with a multi national company based in Dublin city centre. Our client has a growing team of people producing daily meals, snacks, and beverages for 350+ employees, including regular events. Food is produced in house, from scratch, with a focus on global flavours, local seasonal ingredients, and employee health and wellness. This FOH position will involve hosting, receiving and restocking food and beverages, assisting with events and meal services, bartending, bussing, and maintaining service areas.

Job Duties

Be a host at all times to office staff, teammates, and guests.

Set up and maintain meal, beverage, and food stations throughout the building.

Stock and maintain flatware, glasses, and plates, etc.

Serve and stock snacks, kegged beverages, brewed coffee, and organic seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Communicate needs efficiently and respectfully to the kitchen teams.

Rotate and consolidate product based on freshness, location, and kitchen needs.

Deliver friendly and personable service at all times.

Produce and publish menus and informational signs.

Keep updated calendars for events and staff schedules.

Maintain an organized, well-stocked, clean and safe working environment.

Act as a liaison to guests, providing hospitality and culinary knowledge.

Follow daily and station-specific checklists. Cross-train and learn other stations.

Take on additional projects and responsibilities once core competencies are mastered.

Skills and Qualifications

2+ years experience in a professional service environment.

High volume restaurant or barista/bartender experience a plus.

Passion for food, beverage, health, nutrition, product, agriculture, environment, etc.

Familiarity with paleo, vegetarian, gluten free diets, etc.

Attention to detail for cleanliness, organization, and accessibility.

Ability to work in a high-energy, fast-moving office/kitchen environment.

Work well under pressure, effectively solve problems and communicate challenges.

Professional, clear and effective communication skills, both oral and written.

Basic computer skills (calendar, email, menu design, word processing, etc.) required.

7 day availability with scheduling flexibility for business needs.

Working Conditions

90% of time working on feet repeatedly lifting product, restocking, cleaning, and serving food and drink.

10% of sitting in meetings and/or at the computer.

Salary 27K

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